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     Hello, this is Jacob. I am an artist at heart, and an image maker by profession.

     Becoming a photographer was not something I chose. I came to the United States with a dream to attend music conservatory school or like most Asian student, to pursue some engineering or science major. None of that happened. The year was 1989. On a day like any other, out of curiousity, I picked up a photography magazine at a local bookstore. The rest of it is history.

     As a Christian, I believe that each of us have our purpose in this life. It's not by accident that we are here. I consider myself as a historian artist at weddings. I search for those intimate moments between loved ones. Understanding that how precious these moments and experiences that they are experiencing. Yet, how fragile these are. To celebrate, capture and immortalize these moments and feelings between loved ones, is why I chose to do photography.

     I give full credits to all my clients for all my works. From the very bottom of my heart, I thank them. For their trust and for letting me to witness and to be part of their most dear moments in their life. What an honor and a wonderful privilege this has been.

     I have often times been asked how did I capture love? How did I capture these natural and special moments between my bride and groom, or between a child and his/her mom and dad. The answer is simple, first I see these moments through my eyes, and they touch my heart. These split seconds in time are so precious and beautiful. Pure and honest, they whisper to me clearly. I feel them. I find love. Click.

     Welcome to my Galleries.



Jacob Atmodjojo began his photography career as commercial photographer in 1996 and started Jacob Galleries in 2007. Jacob Galleries become part of Wedding Factories, starting in 2011.



B.F.A. Advertising

Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA


M.B.A. Finance

Cal. State Fullerton, Fullerton, CA


B.S. Information System

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA



WPPI 2015 First Place: Portrait Contemporary | 16x20 Accolades of Excellence

WPPI 2013 Second Place: Portrait | 16x20 Accolades of Excellence

WPPI 2012 16x20 Accolades of Excellence

WPPI 2011 16x20 Accolades of Excellence

WPPI 2010 16x20 Accolades of Excellence

WPPI 2009 16x20 Accolades of Excellence

WPPI 2008 16x20 Accolades of Excellence